Why travel to Argentina?

With its air at the end of the world, Argentina attracts and surprises. Its very rich full-fledged culture, its breathtaking varied landscapes and its dynamic and lively capital captivate travelers. Whether you choose to focus on an area or on the contrary to cross the country back and forth, a trip to Argentina has something to satisfy all desires. Its territory covers part of the lush Amazon forest

Prepare well for your trip to Argentina
If you want to discover a country with wide open spaces and a warm culture, do not wait any longer to prepare your trip to Argentina.

Argentina is a huge country in South America
From the sumptuous waterfalls of Iguaçu in the far north to the incredible Tierra del Fuego in the far south, passing through Buenos Aires and the vast plains of the pampas, the country is full of treasures of great diversity. During your trip to Argentina, let yourself be surprised by the beauty and grandeur of the landscapes and set off to discover a very rich culture .

During your holidays in Argentina, you can ski in the mountains, swim in the ocean and visit unusual islands as well as go on an adventure on long hikes.

What to see, what to do in Argentina?
Places of interest in Argentina

The landscapes of Argentina are particularly renowned for their beauty and diversity. The pampas are among other things appreciated for its expanses as far as the eye can see and the unshakable tranquility that reigns there. In the western part of the country, near the Chilean border, you can enjoy the mountains of Argentina with the long chain of the Andes which seems to cut the continent in two.

Although they are often distant from each other, the Argentinian cities are really worth the detour, starting with the capital, Buenos Aires , but also beautiful seaside resorts like Mar del Plata or Bahía Blanca which have beaches heavenly. Finally, don't forget to go to some Argentinian islands, especially to the south, in Tierra del Fuego .

To do in Argentina
There are many things and activities to do during your trip to Argentina. With Evaneos, you can benefit from the expert advice of experts who are on site and who speak your language. Along the northeast coast, around Buenos Aires, you can enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of Argentina and bathe in the sun. The center of the country is more suitable for long hikes or treks in the middle of magnificent landscapes. It is of course possible to make the trip in a motorhome provided you are well equipped for your Argentine roadtrip. Argentina is also an ideal destination for a honeymoon trip .

When to go to Argentina?
Argentina is a very large country, so it has varied climates depending on latitudes. The north of the country is rather tropical, in the center it is more temperate with four seasons, and the southern part is generally cooler and rainier. Certain months of the year are more advantageous than others: March and May are pleasant in terms of temperatures, especially for visiting cities. August is more suitable for hiking and swimming. You can also visit the country in January, it is then possible to go skiing in the Andes.

Do not hesitate to consult our dedicated page to know when to go to Argentina .

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