Types of audio transcription

In this article, you will learn about the types of audio transcription most used in the main transcription companies. 

This guide was provided by my freelance job as writer in pay for essay. The audio transcription service is about transforming spoken text into written text. Easy, right? There are, however, some more complex features that involve the proper execution of this activity. Therefore, we will present them below.

The are types of audio transcription that we are going to present fit into the two standards already presented and vary in shape and nomenclature according to the purpose for which each transcription is intended.

1. Decoupage

Decoupage is a transcription usually performed by journalists. They record the interview and, after transcribing it, make clippings selecting only the most interesting parts for later publication.

The word decoupage is of French origin “découpage”, from the verb “cut”. So, what really goes on in the transcription is the content considered relevant to the journalist or the media.

2. Minutes of the meeting

A meeting can be transcribed and later turned into minutes. However, for this to happen in a satisfactory manner, it is essential that the g ECORDING the meeting to be monitored . Each person should speak alone, without any intervention, with a deadline stipulated by the moderator. The speaker must hold the recorder (or cell phone) and, before speaking, identify himself.

Although we rarely carry out meeting transcripts, as there is almost always an overlap of voices and the speakers do not identify, this is a type of transcription that is highly requested by condominiums, universities, public and private companies.

3.Transcription of lectures

The transcription of lectures is always done with copydesk, because, generally, it is carried out in a period between 40 minutes and 1 hour, in which many separate events can occur and cause a deviation of subject.

For example, during a lecture, a glass can slip out and fall to the floor. So, for the situation to be resolved and no one gets hurt, the speaker may request a production professional to clean the space.

In other cases, in order to keep the audience's attention, the speaker also makes jokes. If the treated subject does not present context for the game in question, it is not necessary to transcribe it. Orality marks, such as "beauty", "that's it", "right?" they must also be eliminated in this transcription model.





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