Canada travel guide and tips for tourists

Canadian travel agents can be instrumental in planning a memorable good trip. They have local knowledge and experience and can present great tour proposals, from visas to airline tickets, from hotels to tour guides and excursions.

Canada is a vast country with an impressive variety of tourist attractions. The Great Lakes of Ontario, Erie and Huron are the huge freshwater reservoir and the incredible recreation spot. The largest province by population is Ontario, known for its vineyards, which produce the majority of Canadian wines, as well as the Great Horseshoe of Niagara Falls. Ontario alone has more than 30 national parks, uninhabited northern wilderness areas, around 50,000 เที่ยวแคนาดา, and numerous rivers with a total length of 55,000 km. The capital of Canada, Ottawa, as well as the city of Toronto are located in this province.

Ottawa became the capital of Canada in 1857. Ottawa's main attractions are the Parliament, the World Tower with more than fifty bells, a picturesque neighborhood around the Market Hall Bayword, the Royal Police Stables and the Rideau Canal, It becomes the longest skating rink in the world in the winter months. Many visitors spend their time at the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Museum of Science and Technology, and other cultural sites. This is a very calm, clean and safe city.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and an important cultural and commercial center of Canada. The city is often called the international standard of cleanliness and order. This great metropolis has an easily recognizable shape of large skyscrapers, banks and offices, surrounded by dozens of green parks, where squirrels and other small forest animals amuse the public. Toronto is the city of beautiful gardens and lawns framed by major highways, and numerous neighboring national blocks.

Quebec is the largest and most beautiful province in Canada. This area covers the most picturesque areas in the country: the plains and the magnificent forests of the Saint Lawrence River, mines and lakes, Estrie and Charlevoix, Lake Saint-Jean, the Madeleine Islands as the region of sailors and fishermen. Here one necessarily goes to the oldest cities in Canada, Quebec and Montreal. In Quebec, there are several universities, the famous Montmorency Falls and the low northern slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. Hundreds of beautiful tourist destinations, ski resorts, sandy beaches and protected areas welcome tourists. The landscapes of southern Quebec are so diverse and charming that it is often called 'The Beautiful Province'.

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and one of the oldest in Canada. It is located on a river island and is known for its picturesque streets. The city has the nickname 'the City of Saints'. Modern Montreal is a city of skyscrapers, highways, great international transportation. It is an important air and sea entrance to the country, its historical and cultural center.

One of Canada's most beautiful provinces is Nova Scotia, surrounded on three sides by the ocean. Attractions include wide beaches and fishing villages along the coast, Cape Breton Island National Park, Vikokomag Indian Reservation, Annapolis, and many convenient bays and beaches.

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