5 Tips to Keep Your House Clean Without Restraining Your Pet
Are you a proud dog owner? The good news is you’re happier and healthier. The bad news? Your house is filled with dog hair and probably stinks.

Don’t worry though – it’s a common problem faced by dog owners and we know the secret to keep your home clean. Want to find out how? Here are five simple tips to keep your house fresh without limiting your furry friend.

  1. Groom Your Pet Daily
    It’s obvious, cleaning your pet from time to time keeps your house free from dirt. Whenever your canine friend gets back from a walk, chances are their paws and body are covered in dirt. To prevent them from running around the house spreading these germs and creating a mess, you must groom them after every outing.

    Using pet shampoo often is not ideal but you can thoroughly rinse them with plain water to avoid dirtying the house.
  2. Switch the Couch

    Have you ever noticed dog hair spread all over your sofa?

    The thing about sofas is that if you select the wrong material, they act like hair magnets. It’s not possible to keep your pup off the sofa always, so you may want to upgrade your sofa. Choosing the wrong color is also a mistake as it exposes the slightest stains. Look for a sofa that is tightly woven and about the same color as your furry friend. If your budget does not permit this, simply add a pet-friendly throw to the equation.

    While we’re at it, get a comfortable dog bed where your pet can rest after a long day. However, don’t get tempted when walking down the pet bed aisle. Those fluffy beds may seem extra plush and comfy but will be a nightmare to clean.
  3. Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner
    Pet-friendly vacuum cleaners are a great way to keep your house free of any unwanted furballs and odors. Extra strong suction and strong filters are key features of such vacuum cleaners. These cleaners pull hair inside rather than blowing them around. Consider the type of flooring and upholstery if your pet jumps on the furniture. Clean the filters daily to avoid spreading the smell of dog hair in your house.
  4. Set Up a Cleaning Station
    Your white entrance may seem perfect but when your dog gets back from a walk with muddy paws, it can get cringeworthy. A good idea is to set up a cleaning station near the entrance instead of that super-expensive Danish table. Place a durable, non-slippery doormat, towels, and a water spray bottle to clean your little buddy before they run around the entire house.  
  5. Be Quick on Your Feet
    One thing every dog owner must be ready to face is dog poop. There is no fixed place (unless they are trained) or time where your pet will “go”. When these accidents happen, be quick to dispose of it and spray an enzyme-based cleaner to minimize the smell. 
If you are going out of town, don’t forget to go for a dog boarding Toronto service. You can keep your friend happy, and well taken care of, even when you are away.

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